Hello, nice to have you here. =) My name is Andrew Hernandez, and I'm a recording engineer based in Austin, Texas. I spent 4 years as the head engineer and studio manager at Premium Recording, followed by a two year stint as a house engineer at Soma Electronic Music Studios in Chicago.

I also tour regularly in the U.S. & Europe performing as a solo artist (Meryll), and as a front-of-house mix engineer for Balmorhea. I am also available for hire as a tour manager and driver, and can thread a needle with a van and trailer. Past tours in this capacity include This Will Destroy You, Victor Villarreal, Love of Everything, Urge Overkill and Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis.

The best way to get in touch with me is by email:

ANDREWRHERNANDEZ [AT] GMAIL.COM (don't forget my middle initial)